Wealth Transfer in Pennsylvania - 2008

The study on the transfer of wealth (TOW) in Pennsylvania was completed to provide estimates on the amount of personal wealth that is likely to be transferred from one generation to the next from 2005 to 2055. It was completed to spark further conversations about the magnitude of the assets present in every county of the commonwealth and the opportunities to invest a small portion of those assets toward community betterment projects.

The researchers completed the TOW analysis for all 67 Pennsylvania counties and the state as a whole.

A copy of the research findings, WealthTransfer in Pennsylvania, is available below, as are copies of the 67 county scenarios.

Other resources that may be useful to philanthropic groups, community and economic development organizations, financial planners, agricultural interests, community residents and others working to enhance the quality of life in their community are also available below.

County Scenarios Map

Additional Resources

The RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship (www.energizingentrepreneurs.org), which conducted the Pennsylvania study, has completed TOW analyses for the following locations: Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Nevada. Regional analyses have been completed in North Dakota, Kansas, Louisiana, and New York. It has advised studies in Iowa, Arizona, and Kansas.

The RUPRI Center's work was greatly informed by the research of Boston College and its groundbreaking study, Millionaires and the Millennium (John Havens & Paul Schervish, October 1999). Following are links to some other states that have completed wealth transfer studies and other resources that may help you to talk about wealth transfer.