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Rural Youth Survey: Trends and Developments in the Attitudes and Aspirations of Rural Pennsylvania Youth

May 18, 2022  | Rural People and Communities

The goals of this project were to document the educational, career, and residential aspirations of rural youth today, to examine the community, family, and peer factors that might shape these aspirations, and to detail the opportunities and barriers that youth experience.

Executive Summary

Tags:  education , residential aspirations , career aspirations , youth

Access to Mental Health Services in Rural Pennsylvania

January 24, 2022  | Health Care and Human Services

This research assessed the demand for mental health services in rural Pennsylvania with a focus on youth and the elderly. It identified challenges these populations face in accessing mental health care to provide options for improving and expanding mental health care services for underserved rural Pennsylvanians.

Executive Summary

Tags:  mental health , youth , elderly


Comparing Rural and Urban Drug Use and Violence in the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (2018)

July 16, 2018  | Health Care and Human Services

Understanding youth drug use and violent behavior is an important step in reducing drug use and violence in Pennsylvania. Rural and urban areas may have different rates of drug use and violence and thus require different types of interventions. In terms of alcohol and illicit drug use, the results indicated little overall differences between urban and rural students. However, the analysis only examined the number of prevention programs in a school district and the data did not include details about individual programs operating in schools. Further research could attempt to get more school-specific details about the programs that operated in those schools.

Executive Summary

Tags:  addiction , violence , youth


Measuring United Way Campaign Success (2015)

July 10, 2015  | Rural People and Communities

To learn more about the campaign success of United Ways (UWs), especially in rural Pennsylvania, this research, which was conducted in 2014, evaluated the success of the annual community fundraising campaigns of Pennsylvania UWs from 2003 to 2013. Campaign success was defined as a combination of two variables: the number of times a UW surpassed a previous year’s total, and the number of times a UW increased its campaign goal from the previous year.

Tags:  united way , community fundraising , youth , economic , elderly


Youth Perspectives on Marcellus Shale Gas Development: Community Change and Future Prospects (Report 4)

September 30, 2014  | Environment and Natural Resources

This research examined the perspectives of youth in Pennsylvania communities that have experienced active Marcellus Shale natural gas development. The data were gathered during focus group discussions with educators and youth in 2013 in the northern tier Pennsylvania counties of Bradford and Lycoming, and the southwest counties of Washington and Green. These focus groups were conducted as part of a larger, multi-sector case study assessment of Marcellus Shale development impacts.

Tags:  gas development , community , natural gas development , youth , marcellus shale

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