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Rural Youth Survey: Trends and Developments in the Attitudes and Aspirations of Rural Pennsylvania Youth

May 18, 2022  | Rural People and Communities

The goals of this project were to document the educational, career, and residential aspirations of rural youth today, to examine the community, family, and peer factors that might shape these aspirations, and to detail the opportunities and barriers that youth experience.

Executive Summary

Tags:  education , residential aspirations , career aspirations , youth


Rural Youth Education Project Second Wave

January 01, 2009  | Education

The Rural Youth Education Study is a longitudinal study of two cohorts of rural youth that began in 2004 and will continue to 2010 to collect a total of four waves of data. The study wasmotivated by the outmigration of youth and young adults from rural areas of Pennsylvania, as the loss of this population from
rural Pennsylvania is viewed as a serious problem for the future viability of rural areas and small towns. The main goal of the study is to understand the future educational, career and residential aspirations of Pennsylvania’s rural youth, how these aspirations change over time, and what factors are associated with youth aspirations and their ultimate attainment of those aspirations.

Tags:  residential aspirations , career aspirations , rural youth , educational aspirations

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